kungfuDuring his childhood, James Delosa was introduced to the world of martial arts. Originally born from Delware, Delosa has been exposed to Shaolin martial arts and Tai Chi as a child. He dabbled in competitions at elementary school and even went on to join teams that compete across the country. He often mentions Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan films have influenced his life and he has said that he draws inspiration from the martial arts movies. He has studied other forms of martial arts while growing up, particularly Western form of martial arts. He has practiced boxing and classical fencing and even the use of battle staves and arnis. Aside from martial arts, Delosa is also a lover of other mainstreams sports and reading books. He also often reading books stating he read all of the genres of literature but loves the action and thriller genre more than most.

Inspired by his journey through martial arts, Delosa has taken into writing all about his passion. He has written a handful of articles about his work and his love for all forms of martial arts but most on Kung Fu. He focused his writing on the physical and spiritual enlightenment someone can achieve through martial art practice. Nowadays, he has also focused his writings on other topics besides martial arts. He says in order to find inspiration about writing, one must go out and see the world. Delosa runs a blog for his writings. During his time off, he blogs about perspectives that involves the spirituality of martial arts while looking into the world. He said he has a vision that children will still appreciate the beauty of martial arts. He has done volunteer work and has read to the less fortunate and young children across the regions of the country