Martial Arts – Food for Both Body and Soul

martial arts“The soul is placed in the body like a rough diamond, and must be polished, or the luster of it will never appear.” said Daniel Dafoe, the famous English writer of Robinson Crusoe. Even great minds seem to agree that the body and the soul must be crafted in order for it to be seen as a fine sculpture. On one hand, the body is considered a tangible form of science and art. Every dance and every strike transfers energy from within to an external point, formed by muscle movement and nerve conduction. But one may ask, how does the body hold for long? What would keep it going? The soul. The fire generated by one’s own friction. When the body yields, the soul wraps around frail bones before it could break.

Martial arts, depending on the intention, is said to feed both the body and the soul. Although its origins are hard to trace, its history and legacy leaves the modern society a channel to form the body and soul in unison. Aside from artifacts, the most primitive evidence of martial arts comes from battles depicted in early illustrations and literature—like ancient Egyptian sculptures depict a form of struggle and Vietnamese drawings depict use of swords, sticks, bows and spears. Asia has always been considered to be the origin of martial arts, however, it is not the birthplace of all martial arts, as multiple texts show early use of martial arts in Europe and India. But one must agree that the most renowned martial art—which is Kung Fu—comes from Asia.

Type of Martial Arts

There are various forms of martial arts, which are categorized accordingly. One way to classify them is through its technique—unarmed or armed. Striking martial arts is a form of unarmed combat, popular in sports and competitions. Although considered a major sport, Boxing is one form of a striking martial art originating from Ancient Greece. It involves weakening an opponent until they get knocked out through punches with the use of gloves, though historically bare. Taekwondo and Capoeira are also popular striking martial arts, which makes use of kicking. Influenced by Chinese martial arts and Karate, Taekwondo is a Korean martial art, which combines the use of multiple traditional martial arts from its country origin. Capoeira, a variant of kicking martial arts from Brazil, involves elements of dance and acrobatics. It is widely known for its agile and complicated techniques incorporating kicks, spins and mobile movements. Other popular striking martial arts combine these two elements like Karate in Japan and Muay Thai from Thailand. Another classification of unarmed martial arts is grappling martial arts. Popular examples of this type are Judo and Sumo. Judokas, a name used for Judo practitioners, practice the use of throwing and pinning an opponent on the ground. Originating from Japan, Judo practices involve making the opponent submit through joint-lock and immobilization. Sumo, another martial art from Japan, involves throws and strikes aimed to hurl an opponent out of the ring. Most Sumo wrestlers or Rikishis would use all parts of the body except their feet.

While most popular martial arts involve unarmed combat, there are well-known armed martial arts practiced in the present day. Traditional and modern armed martial arts alike include the use blades weapons like swords and spears and others like polearms, staves and bows. Some examples of prominent armed martial arts include Fencing and Kendo, both of which use a variety of swords. Fencing involves a short sword with three specialized types one could master. Arnis is a famous Filipino martial arts, which includes the use of sticks for self-defense. Over time, these martial arts mixed unarmed and armed combat forming the modern martial arts practiced today. However, it is not only through combat wherein martial arts shape the body and soul. Some martial arts have been used for medical and spiritual purposes—especially in religion and spirituality.

The Art of Kung Fu

One of the greatest modern influences of martial arts is Chinese Martial Arts or Kung Fu. With the “Kung Fu” trend set by practitioners, and actors, like Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan in film, Chinese martial arts became the most known form of martial arts. In primitive times, Chinese ancestors produced a form of self-defense that included a lot of tumbling, kicking and jumping. Most Modern Chinese Martial Arts were during the Shang (1600-1050 BCE) and Zhou (1046-256 BCE) Dynasties. It was during the Qin (221-206 BCE) and Han (206 BCE-220 CE) Dynasties when weaponry came into play and was further polished during the Song Dynasty (960-1279).

Among the several forms of Kung Fu, narrowing them down to specific classifications is difficult as the country has a record of 300 forms of martial arts. One way they are classified is through the training methods practiced in a martial art. Nei Jia Quan and Wai Jia Quan are polar examples of these, being internal martial arts and external martial arts respectively. Geographical origin is another example of classification. The northern and southern China has different techniques in martial arts. The Southern Fist, which prevails mostly in southern China, and Shaolin are examples of names coming from its geographic origin. Shaolin martial arts are the most widespread of all Chinese martial arts. Greatly considered as part of the Chinese culture, Shaolin combines its fighting style with Kung Fu and Buddhism. Schools that represent this art are Nanquan and Beitui. Shaolin covers unarmed and armed combat for self-defense and bodybuilding. Another Chinese martial art school that is as influential as Shaolin is Wudang, created by Taoist Zhang Sanfeng. Influenced by Taoism philosophy, they advocate peace. Martial Arts that represent Wudang are Tai Chi, Form/Intention Boxing and Eight Diagram Palm. Other examples of Kung Fu include Qigong and Emei Martial Arts.

Chinese martial arts are so widespread that it’s hard to name them all. Its worldwide influence has left an impact on society that a great deal of schools has been established for training. These arts require sculpting of the body, the mind and soul. In order to say someone has mastered Kung Fu, one must establish their refinement and study under the discipline of their art as enlightenment follows soon thereafter.


Weird Tips in Preparing for Martial Arts

Martial art is something that you really have to focus on if you want to do well in it. This is a field that requires concentration and constant practice. If you are too lazy to improve your game, you will never move up to the next level.

Those who take martial arts seriously do everything they possibly could to remain on top of their game. Aside from practicing the art itself, they also have other forms of physical training. The point is for them to stay active and have their body prepared to meet the demands of the game.

If you are one of them, you might as well try some of the weirdest strategies people do to improve in martial arts. They are weird in a sense that they are not the usual strategies employed in practicing for a martial art. Nevertheless, they found these techniques effective.


This might not be a rough training, but it definitely works. Most forms of martial arts are all about focus. Yoga teaches focus and discipline. You can only do the required poses and hold on to them if you are totally focused. Otherwise, you might end have a hard time doing what is required of you. Just give it a try and you will realize just how effective it is in improving your game.


You might be surprised why this academic activity is even on the list. The truth is that when you are debating, you are doing a mental exercise. You allow yourself to think of ways to respond to arguments. You find a way out so your opponent will not tear you apart. The reason why you have to practice debating is because you need that spirit of survival. You don’t want to be crushed while doing martial arts. Most of them come in a form of a competition, so you need to keep in mind that winning is ultimately the goal just like in debating.

Plumbing exercises

This is definitely the weirdest idea of all. You might ask how to unclog my blocked drains if you face this type of problem but not to practice yourself for martial arts. The truth is that plumbing tests your patience. If you start doing plumbing repair issues at home, you will realize that they cannot be easily fixed. You might even have to take a lot of time just to get things done. You have to buy spare parts elsewhere. You also have to figure out what the problem is and you can solve it. This is essential when you are training for martial arts. Your patience will always be tested. You want to survive the challenges ahead and not give up just because you feel impatient.

Just give these strategies a try and you will realize that they could actually work. They may not be your usual exercises for improving your game, but they could make you better. Hopefully, you become a star in your chosen field. Keep practicing and focusing on your goals.



Doing Well in Martial Arts is Not Just about Practice. It Takes a Lot More.

Martial arts take a lot of practice and discipline. No one gets better overnight. If you want to be an expert in this field, constantly improve yourself.

Those who have done well in martial arts practice almost on a daily basis. They train with other aspiring martial artists. They also practice with those who are highly skilled. They never stop until they reach their goals. This is how they do well in their chosen craft.

Martial art is very serious. It is not just about fighting or putting others down. It is about maximizing potentials. It is also not about bragging, but using the skill the right way. Most of all, martial artists avoid being burnt out.

There are those who take the craft seriously without giving themselves a break. As a result, they easily get tired. Some of them have even given up on their dreams because they are no longer happy about it.

If you are also aspiring to do well in martial arts, always remember that it is not just about practicing. It is important to also give yourself a break.

A mental challenge

Martial arts are mainly physical. There’s a need to be physically strong to do well. At the same time, it is also a mental challenge. No matter how strong you are, you can be beaten if your mind is not in the game. Take Kung fu for instance. There are masters who can hold the same pose for a very long time. They can achieve it because they put their mind into what they are doing.

In most cases, martial arts are used for self-defense. It is easy to defend yourself when you know how to protect your weak spots and target that of your opponents. Again, you can only do so if your mind is in the game. Without concentration, succeeding in martial arts is impossible.

Even if you spend a lot of time practicing, spend some time relaxing. Attend concerts. Go out with your friends. Spend time with the people you love. Those who keep you grounded will help you achieve you goals. Don’t worry that you are wasting your time because you are not practicing. Just think of it as a way to also improve yourself.

Check out the performances from Keep It Real Entertainment to be relaxed. They are extremely good with what they are doing. Be motivated to do well in your field in the same way that these entertainers are.

Stay humble

The most important thing about martial arts is for you to stay humble. Don’t use the sport to brag about yourself or to hurt others. They were not made for you to be a bully. The moment you start using martial arts the wrong way, they will come back to bite you. Discipline is always instilled among martial artists. It includes discipline both on the actual game and beyond. Besides, there are tons of other martial artists who came before you. Respect them by doing the right thing.



Learn Plumbing as a Way of Warming Up for Martial Arts

Learning martial arts is not just about practicing the skill itself. It is also about preparing your body for the difficult challenge. You need to be in great condition if you wish to succeed in performing the art well. Take note that as you go along in performing every move, it becomes more challenging. It involves more muscles and it requires more energy. This is why you need to start stretching and warming up even at home. This makes your body in great condition the moment you start doing martial arts.

Try to learn plumbing

There are different warm up exercises available. In fact, you can just go online and follow tutorials available. These exercises can be done at home or while waiting for your session with your master. One of the most unique ways to warm up though is to learn plumbing skills. It might seem like a weird advice, but it works.

You have to understand that plumbing requires you to move various parts of your body. You have to be well-coordinated. You also need to exert effort. There are difficult aspects of the job and it requires full force. There are also some problems that are difficult to fix. You need to spend more time than the usual and exert more energy. Otherwise, you can’t get it done.

Given the requirements of plumbing, it would be easier for you to prepare for martial arts practice. While plumbing, you have already stretched your body and exercised well. You are almost ready to start kicking high or punching strong.

A useful skill

Of course, you don’t just learn plumbing as a form of warming up. It also helps if you have this skill. In case of plumbing emergency, you don’t need to call someone for help. You can do the job on your own. Plumbing services also cost a lot. If you can do it and you don’t have to hire someone else, you can save a lot of money. You will just spend it for replacement parts if they need to be changed.

It takes time

Learning plumbing is not an easy task though. In fact, you have to spend several hours just to learn the basics. You can learn on your own through tutorial videos, but it helps if there is someone by your side telling you what to do. You have to start with the basics up until you can proceed with the more difficult tasks. Ultimately, you will find it easier to do the job.

Rest assured, you can find plumber Golden Grove if you really can’t learn how to deal with plumbing issues. After all, your main goal is to just learn the skill to warm your body up.

For now, you can just pursue the martial arts that you are practicing and be good at it. Plumbing skills and skills in martial arts are both essential in achieving your goals and in making you a better, well-rounded individual.


Finding Discipline and Zen in Martial Arts

Martial arts have been around for thousands of years and the practice will not be disappearing any time soon. Once taught to royals and warriors, martial arts also transcended geographical locations and social class. Unlike education, which was only reserved for scholars, martial arts could be learned by anyone who could find a master willing to teach them. This is where students began their long and arduous journey towards learning martial arts – and a lot of different lessons along the way.

taekThere are a hundred types of martial arts, but karate from Japan and Kung Fu from China are among the most popular. In the Western world, Kung Fu became popular because of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. The former was a Kung Fu master who inspired thousands to develop their skills and strength through discipline. Bruce Lee was a model to all and he became even more popular when he started to come out in movies. Yes, Hollywood may seem like an unfit venue for Kung Fu, but Bruce Lee made the martial art into a household name. Pretty soon, Westeners wanted to study Kung Fu as well.

The same thing happened with Jackie Chan who always breaks something or suffers multiple injuries whenever he films a new movie. His most memorable one was “Drunken Master” where he was taught Kung Fu by an old man who was a drunkard. This movie showed the training one has to undergo- lifting pails of water; climbing up and down hundreds of steps, scrubbing floors and other menial tasks.

Indeed, Kung Fu is not just about form and poise. It requires strength, agility, alertness and stamina. Jackie Chan’s character learned all of these later on when he realized that his chores were meant to be part of his training.

Benefits of Martial Arts

Nowadays, Kung Fu and other forms of martial arts are seen as a good form of exercise. It is an intense and total-body workout any way you look at it. The hours of training alone already constitutes aerobic exercise. Students who practice martial arts are also encouraged to undergo strength training by lifting weights in order to develop their muscles and strengthen their core.

Of course, knowing martial arts is a good way to protect yourself. Most martial arts, like Kung Fu, do not require the use of any tool or weapon. You can protect yourself by blocking and hitting your opponent or assailant. You can defend yourself at close range too, and offer powerful blows to subdue someone who is trying to attack you.

However, martial arts also offer discipline and self-restraint. Knowing that you can hurt someone with just one move teaches students to be more careful with how they interact with people. Finally, martial arts teach meditation and how to find zen or become centered in the midst of all the chaos and stress in your life.

Martial arts, however, requires some degree of physical fitness. If you would love to practice martial arts but aren’t ready yet, you can focus on conditioning or toning your body first before you begin. To keep calm or relax, music is a good way to soothe your mind. You can look for a new instrument to play at music stores Adelaide to keep stress levels at bay. Once you’re good and ready, enroll at the class you like – Kung Fu, karate, taekwondo or even jujitsu – and enjoy all the benefits of martial arts training.